Saturday, July 16, 2011

Keong Mas

Once upon a time there was be a king he wished to marry Dewi Sekartaji .Dewi Sekartaji was the wife of panji Asmoro Bangun. Then the king kidnapped her. Fortunately, the god Narada saved Dewi Sekartaji. He turned her into a golden snail, Keong mas. The God told Keong Mas to drift along the river in order to find her husband, Panji Asmoro Bangun.
One day, a poor old widow, mbok Rondo Dadapan was fishing along the river. She found the golden snail and took it home. There, she put the snail in a jar and took good care of it. All of a sudden, unexpected good things took place in mbok Rondo’s life.
Every  time Mbok Rondo come back from her daily fishing. She found delicious dishes on the table. The house was clean, she could not resist the temptation. She wanted to find out who the mysterious kind person was. So one day instead of fishing. She peeped though a hole in the wall of her house.
She saw  a beautiful princess. The princess was coming out of the jar and starting to clean the house. The next day, without wasting any time. Mbok Rondo rushed into  the house. She smashed the jar. The princess could not turn back into a snail, then, Mbok Rondo adopted her.
Meanwhile, Raden Panji Asmoro Bangun, searching for his wife. Wandered from one village to another. Finally, he found his beloved wife. They went back to their kingdom, taking the good Mbok Rondo along with them

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